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Precision Online Backup offers data backup, storage and recovery services to businesses and individuals who want to provide the best protection against losing their most valuable resource - information! We also support great products and services like Verizon fios who offer a range of the top Verizon fios promotions , coupons and deals for new customers

Data loss due to hardware and software crashes, human error, theft, viruses and natural disaster cost individuals and businesses billions of dollars each year. Most information analysts agree that even when data backups are done regularly, nearly half of that data will be unusable due to human error and incorrect setup. Sign up now

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The advantages of Online Backup?
  • You always have a reliable backup of your critical data.
  • Never buy replacement tapes or disks.
  • There is no worry over lost, damaged, or worn out tapes.
  • Your backup is stored off-site, so you're protected against data loss due to sabotage, fire, theft, flood, or other disasters.
  • You have quick access to your stored data files through easy-to-use software.
  • Easily restore current or historical data.
  • You can check the log files daily to ensure your backup is complete.
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