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Why is data backup important?

Did you know that data loss costs US businesses billions of dollars each year? And, that nearly 50 percent of small and medium-sized businesses that are directly affected by a fire or natural disaster go out of business within 5 years?

Whether you've considered it or not, your company's data may be its most valuable resource and is, most likely, critical to its survival. That is why it is so important to take every measure possible to protect and preserve that resource.

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What is Online Backup?

Online Backup is similar to a traditional backup except that, instead of storing your files on tapes, a complete daily backup of your data is sent over the Internet to our secure backup servers.  Your data is encrypted for security and privacy and compressed to save space and transmission time.  Precision Online Backup takes the worry and hassle out of data backup storage and recovery because your data backups are done automatically, virtually eliminating user error. In addition, your daily backups are always stored off-site, which is the most important component in guarding against data loss in any catastrophic event.

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Online Backup is also flexible, allowing you to backup over Intranets, the Internet, or Dial-Up Networking to automatically protect you and your clients from loss. Plus, you can instantly restore your data from any location.

What's wrong with tape backup?
  • Hardware: The tape drive must be working properly.
  • Media: Tapes must be in good shape and replaced regularly. Do you know how old your tapes are?
  • Software: The tape backup software must be configured properly.
  • Backup Rotation: A proper backup rotation is necessary.
  • Maintenance: Tape drives must be cleaned regularly.
  • Storage: To protect against fire, flood, water damage, or theft tapes should be stored off-site regularly.
  • Verification: The best way to know if a backup is working properly is to occasionally restore a few of your critical files from tape to be sure they can be retrieved.
What are the advantages of Online Backup?
  • You always have a reliable backup of your critical data.
  • Never buy replacement tapes or disks.
  • There is no worry over lost, damaged, or worn out tapes.
  • Your backup is stored off-site, so you're protected against data loss due to sabotage, fire, theft, flood, or other disasters.
  • You have quick access to your stored data files through easy-to-use software.
  • Easily restore current or historical data.
  • You can check the log files daily to ensure your backup is complete.

Online Backup Is Easy To Use

Precision Online Backup is simple to set up and easy to use.  Online Backup runs on a Windows-based workstation or server and can backup files on the local computer or another computer* or server on your network, including Novell NetWare and Windows-based servers via mapped drives.  With a Windows-style interface, the software is immediately intuitive. Plus, with Online Backup, you can check your log files and restore your data at any time, so you know that your files are being stored properly and, more importantly, that they can be fully restored whenever you need them.

Windows-based client is simple to use.  Backup from local drives or network drives* via mapped drive letters or network browsing.

Web-based restore allows you to retrieve files from your backup set from any computer with Internet access and a web browser!

* backing up multiple computers requires additional licensing and fees.  See pricing page for details.

Want to know more?  Read our Q&A page.

Online Backup Takes Away the Worry!

How long would it take you to restore your company's data if disaster were to strike and your backup system didn't work? How many man-hours would it cost you? Precision Online Backup can take away the worry. Find out for yourself by downloading our Free 30 Day Trial today!  With our low cost per MB of storage, Precision Online Backup is great for backing up important files on your home computer too!

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