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Online Backup Pricing

Online Backup pricing is based on your storage needs and is outlined in the pricing chart below.  Of course, you pay nothing to try our backup service free for 15 days!  You can choose monthly or annual billing.  Your credit card will be automatically billed unless you cancel.

You can backup multiple computers on the same account with Precision Online Backup.  Your storage space is shared.  You can either install the software on each computer, or backup using mapped drives across a network.  In either case, simply purchase an additional license at a one-time cost of $10 per computer being backed up and add $10 per month to your monthly fee.

While you can always restore using the Online Backup client software, you may also wish to receive a periodic set of CD-ROMs for archive purposes. The CDs will contain your data in compressed, encrypted format, along with a special "restore edition" of Online Backup which will require your private encryption key in order to restore files. 

   Online Backup Space (compressed)

   Price (USD)

Up to 500 MB compressed $16.95 per month
Up to 1 GB compressed $23.95 per month
Up to 2 GB compressed $35.95 per month
Up to 5 GB compressed $45.95 per month
Up to 10 GB compressed $55.95 per month
Up to 15 GB compressed $65.95 per month
Up to 20 GB compressed $75.95 per month
Over 20 GB compressed call
Additional computer to share storage space on same account $10 license fee plus $10 extra per month.
Archive CD-ROM $20 per CD

Use our free trial to determine how much space your data takes up once compressed.  Typical documents such as Word and Excel files will often compress to more than 3 to 1. 

Determining the storage space you need

With Precision Online Backup, your data is encrypted and compressed before it is sent to our secure servers. The compression that is used will typically reach 2:1 or more, meaning that the amount of storage space you will need to purchase is about half of the amount of space that the files you are backing up actually occupy on your hard drive. In other words, if the files that you are backing up total 4 GB (Gigabytes), you would purchase 2 GB of Online Backup storage space.

We understand that your storage space needs are likely to change over the course of time. Precision Online Backup allows you the flexibility of adjusting those needs at any time. If you ever need to increase the amount of space you have for Online Backup, simply let us know and you will be charged the difference in the next billing cycle. If you find that your storage needs have decreased, we can downgrade your plan to a smaller amount of space and adjust your payments in your next billing cycle.

If you need additional information to determine your storage space needs, please call us at 706.625.2657 ext. 11.

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